jueves, 26 de abril de 2007


Como lo dije, aquí les dejo con el video (el tercero de esta serie de notas) acerca de las mejorías y expectativas de Pascuala: la orca bebe rescatada en playas de San Blas (a 15 días de su rescate!!)

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Taryn Carville dijo...

I just watched this marvelous rescue on youtube the other day. I applaud all your efforts in Pascuala's rehabilitation. In hope that she may be returned to her pod, I recommend playing audio recordings of the orca pods known to frequent the area where she was found. Each orca pod has a distinctive verbal vocabulary, and it will be important for young Pascuala to become more familiar with them. Orca's have also been found to mimic other mammals sounds. As you can see, they are highly social and yearn for connection with others, even when they aren't the same species. It was heartbreaking to see how much she had suffered from the fishing lines. Hopefully there will be more strict laws enforced in the near future to prevent these sad and unnecessary accidents. We ought to be smart enough to come up with a better solution. Thank you all, who are putting so much effort into Pascuala's rescue and rehabilitation. It's so reassuring to see compassionate, caring individuals out there!

Sandra dijo...

hi taryn:
very impress about this pascuala issue has covered...
Unfortunately, we don't thig pascuala's pod is around here any more.
let me tell you, we are located in Jalisco, Mexico... the orc come here only in winter. it is not usuall have orcs all year.
but, what you say about play her orcs sound, might be very helpfull for here, because until now she hasn't hered any type of orc communication
thanks for you comment, and keep cheking our pascuala log n_n

Taryn Carville dijo...

Hello Sandra,

Thank you for responding. I must apologize for not speaking Spanish!
I've become more skeptical about Pascuala being returned to the wild eventually. It appears she has already bonded strongly to humans, and it would be unlikely for humans to know everything regarding orca development in a wild orca pod. Still, I imagine playing orca vocalizations might be beneficial, especially if you plan on releasing her to a captive facility such as Sea World. Have you made any plans in this regard if it looks like she won't be released to a wild pod?
Please continue your efforts, I hope for the best!